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Car Parts to check post a Vehicle Accident for Insurance Claims


You just had a car accident and your vehicle has suffered.

Beneficiary of a guarantee damage, you turn to your insurance company for compensation.

Upon receipt of your claim, the insurance to determine the amount of your compensation may appoint and technician assess the damage , automotive expert.

The approach – which is carried out for insurance costs – is not systematic: in some companies provide when they consider, in view of the statement of claim, that the compensation does not exceed a certain amount (this is called the “franchise expertise”).

The expert estimates the damage

The intervention of the expert often concerned the insured, who feared ending up bound hand and foot, subjected to a decision which would be unfavorable. Wrongly.

First, because the expert with a degree recognized by the state, is a qualified technician, automotive specialist. Furthermore, it is independent of the insurance company that commissioned it. Finally, the findings can be challenged.

Here is how the expert mission

When he was contacted by the insurance, the expert goes – by appointment – for repair which you entrusted your car.

Its role is to first identify the damaged car to make sure it corresponds to the insurance contract.

Then, it analyzes the accident report and lists the damage by controlling the relationship between cause and effect shock and damage: in short, it checks that the accident did happen as you claim (it does not determine the responsibilities, it is not its role; however, it will denounce the imposture if you pretend moped turned your car wreck).

Common Auto parts to be repaired or replaced after an auto accident


The average life of an airbag is 10 years and if one of the airbags in your car has a problem a witness in the dashboard (can also occur if the car runs out of battery) will light. In that case you should go through a workshop … and can only be reset the unit to turn off the witness … or change any part, which is more expensive.

Stabilizer bars

This metal bar connecting the two wheels of the same axle to improve cornering stability of the vehicle, allowing in solidarity the vertical movement of the opposite wheels, reducing dishing suffering the vehicle body when subjected to centrifugal force typically in curves. Part of the car’s suspension, should last the entire life of the vehicle and not usually noticed deterioration. unless it breaks completely (curve then your behavior will be much worse). In that case, you must change the damaged part (not particularly expensive)

suspension arms

They are key in the suspension , because that is where the dampers and stub axles (where the wheels are attached) are held. Should last the life of the car , but is key to review their status at the workshop, as if they deteriorate and reach break, you can from losing a wheel quedarste without direction … and if the accident is inevitable


Also they are known as silent blocks, on these pieces (vulcanized rubber, or polyurethane) suspensions to the chassis, so that there are no moving parts in contact metallic bind. Your mission is to get a good insulation and allow the suspension to work properly. They twist and deform in acceleration and braking (his role) and, although it should last the life of the car , wear, so that gaps appear in the elements of the suspension. It can be seen if more noise and vibration transmitted to the passenger compartment or if the car tends to destabilize straight. Is no more replace about 90 euros.

Brake discs

This is going steel discs attached to the wheel through the steering knuckle. When the brake is depressed pedasl, the tablet rubs against it and the speed is reduced. Its duration depends on the type of driving and the car, but is about 100,000 km. From there can be deformed (you’ll notice that the steering wheel vibrates much when braking) or oxiddarse, the area in which are attached to the wheel ( you can only see it if dismount the tire. the price of new ones is very variable, but can be found from 100 euros .

Electronic failure

Increasingly common failures in electronic systems controlled by a switchboard .. because more and more on vehicles: automatic headlights and wipers, climate control, ESP … Depend on sensors, connections , which can fail for many reasons. You will sense because there are things that do not work (if in the control panel fault witnesses, should light). The cost of repair is very variable.